5 Reasons To Get A Listening Device Detector

Aside from the obvious reason that it’s illegal, there are other reasons why you’d want to buy yourself a listening device detector. With billions of rooms around the world, it’s impossible to put a listening device in them all, but as someone who’s not aware of one, it’s crucial to be cautious and look for them.

These devices are fairly simple and easy to assemble. There are tons of them to choose from. A typical RF signal detector is a small item that will make noise when it comes across a radio frequency, which is an indicator that there’s a listening device.

When you hear a sound, it means that you’re interfering with communication between your room and some other item outside. The item outside is probably some form of a radio that transfers anything happening at your place. You don’t want anyone listening to you, would you?

In this article, we’re sharing a couple of reasons why getting a listening device is of utmost importance for your home, but more importantly for your business trips around the globe. Staying in hotels, Airbnb rooms, and other places mean that you have no idea who has been there before you. Follow up and learn more!

You Never Know Who Might Be Listening

Let’s say that you’re out there on business. You will discuss sensitive information with someone in your company and you don’t want anyone listening to what you have to say. If someone interferes with your conversion, they’ll instantly know what your plans are and benefit from it.

Corporate espionage is a common issue in this harsh world. It’s hard to prove it and call the police, which is why it’s better to protect yourself. Listening device detectors are easy to get and affordable. Order one and go through the room before you speak. It’s simple, yet highly beneficial. See more about these devices here.

Listening Devices Are Perfect For Blackmailing

No one in this world is free from mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes are perfect for others to blackmail us. Saying something against powerful people, ordering drugs, talking about illegal activities, all this can get you in jail, and criminals are very aware of this fact, which is why they are always ready to compromise you.

With the tapes they provide, they’ll blackmail you and ask for ransom money. If you don’t want to give them the amount asked, they’ll share the tape with someone that will be interested in it and cause you harm. Instead of putting yourself in such a situation, go around the room with the detector and see if there’s something suspicious.

You Don’t Want Your Secrets Exposed

It doesn’t have to be so serious as corporate espionage or blackmailing for criminal activities. You simply don’t want your secrets to be exposed. We all have our fetishes and secrets that might get exposed if someone is listening to us.

Having sex with your spouse in the bedroom is much better knowing that there’s no looking or listening to you. There’s nothing illegal in it, but when you go on vacation, you want to fully enjoy yourself and not worry about someone invading your privacy. A simple detector will make you comfortable, so why not use it?

Too Many People Are Listening Without Us Knowing It

There’s no evidence or clear data, but estimates say that there are a couple of billion listening bugs existing in the world right now. Not all of them are installed, but chances are huge that you’re walking into a place that is being surveyed at the moment. One in five rooms you walk into is probably tapped.

If we take into consideration that spying has become a hit procedure and nearly everyone’s doing it, we can be sure that we’re compromising nearly everywhere we go. Even our own home is not free from it. You never know if someone walked in when you were not home and planted a bug. They might be listening to you right now, and you don’t want this happening.

It’s A One-Time Job When You Walk Inside A Room

Some people think that this is a highly complex procedure while it isn’t. It’s too easy to find a bug if you have the right listening device detector. Some of these detectors are more powerful, and just one walk inside the house will tell you if there are radio frequencies open, while others will need more thorough research.

In both cases, we’re talking only about a small item that fits in your hand and that you need to walk with you through your room. If it starts making noises, walk around it until you find where the noise becomes stronger. As it becomes stronger, you’re quickly locating the device. When you find it, remove it. That’s it.


Getting listening bug detectors should be a common practice for everyone. There’s nothing complicated about it, and the outcome can be highly beneficial for you. If you’re traveling somewhere or you never did this inside your home, get a device and do it immediately. See here how to detect a bug: https://homeguides.sfgate.com/how-to-detect-listening-devices-at-home-13418995.html

Finding out that someone is tapping you will be relieving and you’ll know that you’re truly free. You don’t want to be compromised for something you say, and on the other hand, you don’t want to think about every word you speak out, so this is a perfect solution.


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