Building and facility managers have the timely tasks of coordinating building access and security. Issuing lost or stolen key cards and waiting on tradesmen can be alleviated with Doordeck. An NFC keyless entry and digital visitor management solution that allows time to be given back to the unsung heroes behind commercial real estate.

The regular tenant doesn’t fully understand the role of their building or facility manager. They are tasked with coordinating tradesmen, cleaners, and deliveries, as well as solving potential issues that haven’t come up yet like potential compromises to a building’s security from lost or stolen credentials. 

Save management time with Doordeck 

In a world without Doordeck, our Building Managers and their teams have to spend a large portion of their time logging lost or stolen key cards, issuing replacements and new credentials. Time that can be spent on other important building operations. 

Installing Doordeck can significantly reduce the time it takes for these management tasks asscoiated with access, whether you are using our app directly or with Doordeck’s SDK integration into existing white labelled company apps. 

Seamless Installation for the ability to manage from anywhere at anytime

Doordeck’s NFC keyless entry solution makes touch-free entry to your building faster, more secure and more reliable. On top of this addition to the ability to issue digital visitor passes even without the use of our app. But what makes our app particularly scalable is that building managers won’t need to install any hardware. They won’t need to rip out any existing systems. They certainly won’t need to allocate funds to costly engineer visits or scheduled system downtimes it is all done over the cloud. 

Doordeck is ready to use straight away and without the need to access the site – the installation can be done from anywhere with an internet connection. 

The fact that Doordeck is the world’s only keyless access control aggregator that integrates with all major access control systems only further complements its adaptability.

Furthermore, all of this is super secure. I’m talking military-grade encryption, creating peace of mind for building managers. 

Remote visitor management touchless solutions

It is not just the initial Doordeck software installation that is super quick. It’s its day-to-day usage as well. With Doordeck’s remote credentialing feature forget about organising the printing and encoding of hundreds of plastic key cards and key fobs each year.  The only thing needed to provide a user with access to a door or doors is an email address. All the new user will need is a smartphone – they don’t even need to download our app if they don’t want to, a browser will do just fine, as there is a QR code option as well. They can scan the QR code in their smartphone’s browser and if they’ve been granted access to the Doordeck enabled door they’ll be able to enter. Alternatively, the visitor can download the Doordeck app for even faster entry using NFC Keyless Entry. This method is preferred for regular visitors or tradesmen. 

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