5 Recessed Wall Niche Ideas For The Modern Home Interiors

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Recessed wall niches are the tiny alcoves inside your home that are generally created when an odd column and pillar or two comes in the way. In this situation, you can’t change the actual position of a pillar or column, but you can get some ideas to know how to decorate these wall niches without making much effort.

Recessed wall niches are particular spaces that can simply double up as functional corners while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your home’s interiors.

List Of 5 Recessed Wall Niche Ideas For The Modern Home Interiors

You just need to scroll down to know how you can fix the best out of these awkward-looking recessed wall niches with just a few décor pieces or even a wallpaper strip. you can even consider famous  paintings of your famous artist  Gustav .

Floating Shelves To The Rescue

We often come across wall niches on the side walls of a bedroom or behind the sofas in living rooms. Do you wonder why? Well, that’s because of the way the house is constructed. But, you can fix this dead space between two pillars by using stack floating shelves to display your stuff beautifully. Put some vases, small canvas paintings, photo frames, books, and more.

Pop Colors For That Extra Edge

Do you like bright colors? If so, then this wall niche idea is for you. A wall niche can be instantly converted into an eye-catchy corner by simply painting it with the bright shade of your favorite color or even adding a mural that speaks about your personality. It will help to turn your odd walls into an interesting focal point.

If the paint doesn’t float your boat, you can even opt for wallpaper of different designs and patterns for the odd wall spaces.

Turn It Into A Religious Corner

For a religious believer, a recessed wall niche is such a great place to create your own little religious corners such as a pooja corner, or a place where you can lean down in front of God with all your heart and soul and perform some religious beliefs.

All you need to do is demarcate the niche in some different colors. You can even add a partition to keep things private. Add it up with bells, candles, religious items, and wall art.

Deck Up With Décor

If you love to collect home décor items in different shapes and sizes then you can decorate your wall niche of any size with the latest decorative items like figurines, vases, ceramics, canvas art paintings, and small pieces of wall art. However, if you have a large niche, then a prop of a single large statement décor piece, canvas painting, or a sizeable urn is your solution.

Create Mirrored Wonders

You can even place beautifully designed mirrors to create an alluring accent wall. You perhaps use wall niche spaces to place decorative mirrors of different shapes and sizes to form patterns and to pretty up unsightly nooks.

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