A List Of Activities That Are Ideal For A Stag Party

Be it your best friend, your brother or your cousin that is getting hitched in a few weeks, it is your duty to treat the would-be groom and his closest friends to a memorable stag party. You want to shy away from the traditional clichés but want to make sure that your gang and you are not missing out on all the fun for a bunch of stags.

If you are out of ideas or having a hard time choosing the activities, be sure to read the following sections where we have explored a few quirky but fun-filled activities that are ideal for a stag party. Let’s dig right in now, shall we!?

The age-old trend of calling in the strippers can never go out of fashion

Calling in the strippers at a venue of your choice is far better than heading over to a strip club. Private adult parties not only provides a sense of security to the attendees but it also makes sure that the star of the party – the would-be groom is getting all the attention of the beautiful chicks.

Words for the wise – make sure that you are hiring the strippers from renowned adult entertainment service providers like Central Coast Strippers for best results.

Paint the stress of the wedding away with a paintball match

It is one of the most popular contemporary stag party activities where the participants take part in a battle royale style arena and combat situation minus the guns and the blades.

Here a harmless paintball gun will be your weapon where two teams will try their best not to get ‘paintballed’. The team with the least number of hits will be the winner. Sounds fun right!?

Skydiving minus the sky!

Did your friend ever mention of planning to go skydiving but never took the initiative since it is a dangerous activity, to begin with!? Well, there is a way you can make your buddy’s dream come true but without forcing him to take unnecessary risks. The answer is indoor wind tunnel diving.

It is a great, fun-filled and affordable activity that your friend and you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Skip the crowd and book a party bus

Heading over to a nightclub to booze the stress away and dance till you drop!? Well, it is no news that night clubs are always crowded and that sometimes becomes too much to bear. Why not switch venues and take the party to the road!?

You read that right! You can easily hire luxurious, amenities-filled and fully stocked party buses and that too at a fraction of the money that you would have spent on a night club.

Another activity that is recently gaining a lot of ground in terms of popularity is boot camping. Treat your adventurous BFF to hand-to-hand combat skills, hunting and gathering techniques and all that necessary skills that one needs to learn to survive in a harsh situation. Sign him and the gang up to a boot camp that offers half-day courses to would-be grooms. So this has been a comprehensive list of activities that are ideal for a stag party. If you have suggestions of your own, feel free to share them in the comments section below.


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