Enhance Indoor Air Quality For A Healthy Life

There is nothing better for your health than breathing in the fresh air. Post-COVID, we are spending most of the time in homes, and thus having good air quality inside has become essential. The increasing amount of air pollution in cities has entered our houses, and it can cause headaches, irritations in the eye, fatigue, and much more. Things can get worse if your home is located on busy streets or near a factory. All the pollution from there will enter your home and impact your overall health.

You might also be contributing towards deteriorating your indoor air quality unknowingly. For example, humidity can also increase dust mite levels. Wood-burning fire, furnaces, etc., can also add up to the pollution level. Cooking can send oil and fat particles into the air, which adds to pollution. Even new furniture or flooring can add chemicals to the environment.

Thus, maintaining the air quality would be the most important thing to do. Clean air should replace the air indoors at regular intervals. Things are much better for new energy-efficient homes as there are no gaps and cracks like traditional homes for air circulation. Thus, you would need to make efforts to improve the quality of the air inside.

  • To start with, you should install dust and air quality monitors to check the situation inside. It will check your indoors for air pollen, dust, and smoke.
  • Make sure that you adhere to the daily cleaning routines.
  • Keep a check on the humidity levels of your home; it should always be below 50%. If you live in a tropical country where the humidity level is high, consider investing in a humidifier.
  • Repair all the cracks and leaks on your doors and windows to prevent unwanted pollution from entering your home. Also, keep them closed when the level of pollution outside might be potentially high.
  • You should also remove strongly scented candles and harsh cleaners to remove the impact of strong chemicals from inside your home environment.
  • Also, think about investing in certified air cleaners and HVAC filters.

If you notice a change in pollution level through your dust and air quality monitors, you should take all the above precautions to bring it down. Investing now to improve your home’s air quality can go a long way. It will give you fresh air to breathe in and keep you and your family away from various health problems.


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