Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Relationship Selling

Relationship-based selling is a tried and tested technique where businesses train their sales executives to prioritise connection building with a client (prospective or existing) before pitching a product or service.

Importance Of Relationship-Based Selling

Most of the time, a product or service is being sold by sales executives by only highlighting Unique Selling Points of the same. However, over the years, it has been witnessed that this trick is losing its efficacy.

Hence, relationship selling is slowly but surely becoming the norm in the corporate world. Moreover, the technique is so efficient that small scale enterprises like salons and grocery shops have started relying on this form of selling in recent years.

Relationship-Based Selling Best Practices

Now that you are aware of what relationship selling is and its importance, it is time to learn about the best practices of the technique.

They are as follows – 

It Is Best To Connect With Your Clients On A Personal Level

Relationship-based selling works best when the sales executive or the business owner connects with their client personally. One must steer clear of the small talk and learn about the client by discussing aspects about their life or work – discussions that are unrelated to the sales pitch.

By projecting yourself as a friend instead of just a person trying to sell something, you will be able to form a long-lasting relationship with your client that will surely boost your sales projections by many folds in the years to come.

Always Be Honest While Pitching A Product Or Service

Never hold back information about a product or service. Be transparent with the client. Avoid misinformation at all costs during the pitch. Fail to do this, and you will lose your client’s trust in a moment! After this, there is no chance of the client coming back to you to buy your product or subscribe to the services your brand offers!

You Have To Be Patient

Relationship-based selling demands a lot of patience from a sales executive or business owner. Patience is important, especially when the sales executive or business owner is pitching an expensive product or premium service to existing clients or prospective customers.

A premium product or service comes with a higher sticker price; hence, a client will surely take their time to decide about spending their hard-earned money. The sales executive or the business owner would need to patiently address incoming queries from their client in a bid to close the deal. If the sales executive or the business owner rushes into completing the agreement, the client might back out completely!

Example Of Relationship-Selling

Since time immemorial, you have been going to a salon and getting your haircuts from a specific hairdresser.


Well, you and the hairdresser have a strong bond. Of course, the professional knows the type of hairstyle you prefer, but you also find it comforting to have long conversations with the person during the hairdressing session.

Here, the hairdresser has succeeded in creating a bond with you and has gained you as a permanent customer – a perfect example of relationship-based selling.

Don’t you agree!?


Relationship-based selling is perfect for B2B sales environments across all sectors of the global economy. Whether you are the owner of a fortune 500 firm or a start-up enterprise, it is time for you to adopt this practice as well in a bid to witness an increase in sales, profits and expansion of business.

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