Turnout-Rug: What You Need To Know About Your Horse

Getting turnout rugs for your house may seem a simple task at first. However, as you step into the market you may become overwhelmed and feel crowded with enormous questions regarding your horse and choices available in a wide range of rugs. Therefore, to get you an easy hand in understanding certain vital things associated with getting a rug for your horse we have made a simple guide for you to have a look.


The important thing is to check the weight of the rug you are looking forward to buying and for what reason. As there are different rugs available in different fillings and weight, you may end up buying a lightweight for winter or a heavier one for summer which can eventually cause discomfort & issues to your horse. So, you have to choose between a light summer rug with almost no filling, a lightweight winter rug with certain grams of filling up to 150 mostly, a medium filling rug with anything between 150-300 gm, and heavy weight filling which is for extreme winters filled with more than 300 grams of filling. Whatever, you choose to ensure the health and living area of your horse too. 

Neck designs and cut

With a wider range of options available in neck designs and cuts, you must not buy something that your horse doesn’t go along well with. Some turnout rugs come with different fastening straps at the neck area or legs that can be attached or detached by the owner if required. The standard neck shape and high neck differ in preventing rain to get inside the rug.

Also, it is better to go for a longer rug that extends below the belly and covers sufficiently overlaps the horse body neither being too long to cause it discomfort while sitting and standing. 

Strength of outer material

With different materials available, it is vital to check for the one with maximum strength against tearing and withering down with weather or hard strokes from bushes. One can choose from ballistic nylon, rip-stop construction, etc.  Look for the essential waterproofing quality in the rug that is also breathable.

Right fit

Of course, you can’t compromise with the fitting of the rug for your horse. Take all the required measurements of the horse and look for the one neither too fit nor too loose. Your horse should be able to move, run, seat, stand freely without any hindrance caused by the rug.

Inside of the rug

After checking for the outer material, it’s time to pay attention to whether your rug’s inside is of the right warmth, softness, and easier to clean or not. Certain rugs come with anti-bacterial linings making a healthier & smoother choice for your horse skin.

Moreover, these rugs are available in the right fastenings that are adjustable and easier to place and fit on your horse’s body.  Those with certain specificities in their horse body measurements like wide chested etc. can also search for specific models from certain manufacturers. 


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