What Are The Prominent Types Of Industrial Flooring?

Industrial flooring is needed to consider carefully indeed. The motto of the industrial floor is allowing the maintenance process to go smoothly without affecting the varioud manufacturing activities. Here, we are going to mention some of the highly popular industrial flooring options one can choose.

Commercial Concrete

Generally, it is used to install in commerce properties including warehouses, department stores, and restaurants, and so on. The best thing about this flooring type is that it is low-maintenance and holds a hard-wearing surface easy to customisable. It comes up with slip-resistant indeed. It is worthy to consider in case you want flooring that requires less maintenances.  

Polished Concrete Flooring

As the name of this flooring type says on its own that it may hold an excellent appearance and outstanding durability. It is quite popular because of these aspects. This flooring type is generally seen in restaurants, art galleries, etc. It also enhances the beauty of the interior.  The long durability and smart finishing make it stand out amongst others.

Epoxy Flooring

It is a thermosetting resin applied in the form of decorative and protective coating to a concrete substrate. Epoxy is one of the best industrial flooring options. Colour options are available to enhance more glam of the flooring. It is indeed a good flooring option that is protected from dirt, liquid, and other contaminants. It is popular since it is quite easy to clean and scrub.

PE Foam Flooring

This flooring is manufactured using lightweight, extruded, and closed-cell polyethylene foam. It is quite good at isolating sound vibrations as well as impact noises. If you are concerned about the sound and noise then it is perfect to consider. It comes up with excellent compressive strength. Moreover, it is known for being resistant to fungus, mould, and moisture.  Firstly a subfloor is prepared and then PE foam is laid over it.

Rubber Flooring

The next on the list is Rubber Flooring. It does not use concrete in its creation. It is quite popular for being extremely comfortable as well as adaptable surface. The best thing is that it is incredibly suitable for many flooring options regarding most properties. The best thing is that it is resistant to fire, water, and slip. But the fact cannot be ignored that Rubber Flooring requires a lot of maintenance and cleaning. 

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring is another one on the list and the discussion would not be complete without adding this. It is a completely new sort of flooring which is indeed now mass-produced all around the world. This option is worth going to in the context of the budget. The most important thing is that it is incredibly cost-efficient. Moreover, it is slip-resistant which ensures your safety. You do not need to worry about maintenance or quite comfortable underfoot. 


Figuring out the sort of industrial flooring regarding your property depends on several factors. You need to consider its appearance, cost, practicality, and maintenance before making the decision. You may also take expert help in case you find yourself quite confused to decide the right one. You can also check this site for one of the best industrial flooring providers.


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