Apply For Canadian Residentship Based On Immigration Category

The Canada is one of the beautiful countries not only in terms of natural beauty but also as a developed country where the life can foster at its best. Due to such quality life only there are a number of people from all the corners of the world love to fly to this country and try to settle there with the help of permanent resident visa.

Are you looking for a permanent visa to immigrate to Canada and live there as a permanent resident? You need to know about various immigration programs before applying for PR visa Canada. Each year, Canada allows over 2 00,000 people to enter in the country as permanent residents. If you want to be one of them, you need to go through an application process to start your new journey in this beautiful country. There are various categories of visas defined by this country, and one needs to apply according to any one of them.

Classification of Immigration Visa

You can apply under one of these following six categories to obtain Canadian permanent residentship:

Business Class Immigration

If you are among entrepreneurs, investors or self-employed business people, you may qualify for permanent residence under this category. If you are an investor, you must have $ 800,000 as net worth and $ 400,000 to invest towards Canadian economy.

If you are an investor, you must have $ 300,000 as net worth and willing to operate and manage a business. You are expected to create one full-time job within 3 years for becoming a permanent resident.

Skilled Worker Class Immigration

If you want visa under this category, you will be evaluatedon the basis of your educational qualification, language proficiencies, years’ of work experience, employment adaptability and age. Out of a combined score of 100, you need to have a score of 67 to qualify for getting permanent residentship under skilled worker category.

Family Class Immigration

If your family members already have permanent residency status in Canada, you can apply under this category. You will be amongst 30% immigrants, who are sponsored by their family members living in this country.

Provincial Nomination

If you want to apply to the specific province to immigrate and settle in Canada, you will be nominated under this category. You will have to contact immigration office representative within your target province to qualify for permanent residency.

International Adoption

This is valid if you are looking for adopting a child from any foreign country. It will be an arduous and long process, as it involves the child’s rights and various other legal factors.

Quebec-Selected Immigration

It will be based on a special agreement between Province of Quebec and Federal Canadian Government, to select immigrants based on the separate evaluation process. You will be evaluated as per following categories such as – business people, permanent workers, students and temporary workers under permanent immigration, families and sponsored refugees.

By a known service provider, you will be assisted with services to obtain permanent residence card Canada. Based on your immigration category, you can easily get the status of permanent resident in Canada.

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