Why And How Of Buying A Used Refuse Truck

Are you planning on starting a garbage collection business, or expand your existing one? Whether you want a rear or side loader for municipal waste, or you would be dealing with commercial waste and need a front loader. Many businesses fail to realize the opportunity and profit that can be exploited by buying a used refuse truck instead of a brand new vehicle. By carefully determining your requirements, and buying from a reliable dealer, you can make the most from your investment in a used truck, and save thousands of dollars for your business.

Why should you buy a used garbage truck?

When it comes to a business, efficiency in terms of performance and investment is crucial. While a brand new waste collection vehicle will ensure optimum performance, there are many waste management companies around the globe who are utilizing used vehicles as well. Contrary to the common belief, these used trucks are not a bad investment. They offer close to optimum performance, and some trucks even work as good as the brand new ones, if maintained and serviced regularly.

Another factor that makes buying used garbage trucks for sale a good idea is the prompt availability. A new truck has a delivery period of 2-6 months, depending on the area you are purchasing in. Used vehicles, however, are available immediately. Experts suggest that investing in used garbage vehicles can save up to $60,000 over the vehicle’s life.

However, the decision to invest in a new or used refuse vehicle is solely a result of your assessment and inspection. You can consult a reliable dealer near you to get more clarity on which option is best for your business. There are many dealers that offer used garbage trucks for sale. How to know which one is reliable? For starters, you must avoid a dealer who cannot provide due documents of the truck. Fraud dealers lure customers in by quoting next to nothing prices for trucks. Buying from unreliable dealers can be a bad investment for your business.

To buy your truck from an authentic and reliable dealer, there are some things you must check about them

    1. Trained and certified team- An authentic dealer will have a certified team and they will be well trained about all aspects of garbage trucks. These dealers have expert inspection teams that make sure all the trucks they sell are in top conditions and would not be troubling for the buyers.
    1. Due Documentation- Never ever buy a garbage truck, or any vehicle without due documents. A reliable dealer has all due documents and certificates of the trucks they possess. They will start the transfer process as soon as you make the deal so that you can legitimately drive the truck as soon as possible.
  1. Extra Services- A good dealer does not just sell you a truck, but they offer other perks as well. These services may include, but are not limited to free documentation, delivery, bin or cart tippers and driving orientation.

Choose a reliable and experienced dealer who has a reputation of offering quality services. Discuss extra facilities and offerings when finalising the terms of purchase. You should also ask about after-market warranty on your used truck from your dealer.

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