Erection – All You Required To Know

How an erection works

An erection, i.e., the erection of a man’s organ, is one of the prerequisites for a woman to conceive. The volume increases and hardens, so the organ is ready to penetrate the woman’s vagina, where the semen is ejected, i.e., ejaculated. If at least one sperm penetrates the egg, the woman is fertilized. Then the embryo develops, and after nine months, a baby is born. This is how Mother Nature actually tells us to prevent the extinction of the human race. Reproduction occurs similarly in most mammals, but we still have one exception: orgasm and the pleasure of love.

Why an erection?

Erection, as has been said, is one of the conditions for the completion of love, that is, fertilization, but fertilization cannot occur with every lovemaking. We wouldn’t fit on the planet anymore. 

On the other hand, people can enjoy love even if an erection does not occur. Yet erection is one of the things some men are proud of, but others are dissatisfied. Mother Nature did not endow all men equally, but even a small organ can conceive a large man.

Why men have an erection

What is an erection? How does it arise? But an erection is not just a property of the organ. It can also be erected in a woman’s clitoris or female nipples. However, their ability to enlarge and stiffen cannot affect fertilization. They are only an accompanying feature of these organs and contribute to a better experience of love.

The leading cause of an erection is an increased blood content in the organ. The stretches to length and stands up. It also grows in width. The acorn stretches literally to burst to shine. In most men, the acorn is also exposed because the foreskin is not long enough to cover it. For this to happen, irritation should occur, but it depends on the circumstances. Men can get an erection even without physical stimulation. It is mostly in the morning and at rest, when thinking about love, when seeing a physical situation or porn. Otherwise, during love, is aroused by the hand, mouth, tongue, and another stroke, for example, between women’s breasts.

How women can help with an erection

This chapter is for men who are no longer so good at it. It is also said that those who do not build it do not deserve it. It is mostly alone for young people, for seniors, for example, over 60, it is not so famous, but let’s not despair. The main thing a woman should know is not to try to build a dry organ. Although the penis also releases fluid when aroused, it is not enough for it to suffice on its own. Therefore, the simplest is oral stimulation when a woman has a penis in her mouth. There she should try to create an acorn environment similar to when it is in the vagina. It does not want a lot of pressure and squeezing of teeth, but rather caressing the tongue with a slight vacuum. Therefore, ladies, let us not be influenced by the acting performances of porn actresses.

We can alternate the oral massage with a manual massage, where we run our palms and fingers over the penis or just up and down the acorn, but we can only tease the bridle on the acorn with a finger. But as soon as we feel that our pressure is already dry, we need to moisten. Various lubricants are used for this, but with their expensive experience, or oils. The baby oil proved its worth here. If we do not have anything like that, we do not recommend table oil due to the possibility of allergies. Then we have to rely on our saliva. Although they dry faster than oil, we have a surplus of them again. There is no need to hurry, but it is advisable to enjoy this part of love properly. Women, let’s pay attention to men’s reactions because this is the best way to know what they like and what makes them the most irritating and helpful erection. The most exciting place of a man is the acorn, its widest lower extended part, and the bridle.

Causes of erections

In order for the organ to sink, blood needs to be poured into it. Inside there are two pairs of cavernous bodies with cavities or caverns and an unpaired spongy body below them. The urethra passes through the center. The arteries leading to the cavernous body, and after the impulse, a larger amount of blood expands and fills.

After ejaculation, there is usually an outflow of blood. However, there are exceptions when erection does not stop, and love can be continued. This usually happens during a particularly decisive erotic moment, but it is not scientifically proven why it does not work in the same situation at other times.

Another question is how long it takes for a man to be able to get an erection again. Here, too, science does not explain everything because it depends on age and probably the erotic atmosphere or appropriate stimulation. Sometimes it only takes a few minutes. Other times it takes up to the whole day.

Erection can be supported by a healthy diet and food supplements or you can use Fildena 100 or Fildena 150, or vigora which are made to improve erection and love life in general.


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