Magnificent Diwali In Delhi

As the capital city of the country, Delhi celebrates one of the biggest festivals in India with so much joy and excitement. Diwali is the festival of lights and a very beautiful festival. The city is lit up with lamps and lights and is a sight that you must not miss. It is not just the lamps that are lit during this festive season; the hearts of people are also illuminated with joy.

Diwali is a festival that celebrates the return of lord Ram to his city after he has defeated demon Ravan and finished his exile of fourteen years. It was a new moon day and the people of Ram’s empire lit lamps and brightened a dark night to welcome their beloved king. Thus the tradition continues.

On this day, people worship goddess Lakshmi who is a symbol of prosperity and wealth. They clean their houses, dust their offices, wear new clothes, and distribute sweets and gifts and light lamps around the house. Some people love to burst crackers and enjoy.

The festival is originally celebrated for four days. The first day is the day when the god of health Danvantricomes with the Amruthaa magic potion that gives you immortality. The second day is the day when lord Krishna killed Narakasura. It is the symbol of good defeating the evil. The third day is the auspicious day when goddess Lakshmi marriedlord Vishnu. This day is the symbol of marital bliss and prosperity. The fourth day is the Viswakarma Day and on this day GovardhanaPooja is also done. This is the ritual to worship instruments and the Nature. The fifth day is the BhaiDoojwhich celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters. The sisters pray for the long life and success of their brothers. The brothers gift their sisters with blessings and material things.

Diwali is one festival which is celebrated with friends and family. People visit each other’s house and exchange gifts. They also go to orphanages and old age homes to distribute fruits, food and sweets. They try to make people happy and keep their surroundings cheerful. It is indeed a very significant festival when everyone wishes good to everyone.

Food plays a major role in any of the festivals in India. Diwali in Delhi is no exception. Many varieties of local food items are prepared at home as well as bought from shops. There are sweets like kajubarfi, rasgulla, halwa, laddoos, jalebi, rabdi, gulabjamoon and kheer. It is one time of the year when everyone let go of their diets and enjoy the large spread of dishes.

Shopping is also a main part of the festival. People just love to shop during the festive season, for themselves and for others. It is not just clothes, Diwali festival offers are given on gadgets, home appliances and automobiles too. Huge discounts and cashbacks are offered along with lucky draws too.

Diwali is a wonderful festival and it must be celebrated in Delhi to feel the essence of the city and its people.

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