Things To Keep In Mind While Ordering Custom Embroidered Patches

We most often come across people who have embroidered patches on their garments, dresses, uniforms or even some other objects such as bags, handbags, purses or even toys etc. It implies embroidered patches find applications in various things and objects. Although readymade embroidered patches are available in the market however most people prefer custom embroidered patches. It is because they can get a patch exactly as per their unique requirements.

That is why trend of getting customized patches is increasing day by day. Ordering custom embroidered patches may seem to be easy on the outset however it is quite difficult in reality. It is because you need to pay attention to certain points or keep various things in mind while ordering custom embroidered patches. Some of the important things or points that need to be paid attention to for this purpose are as mentioned hereunder.

Purpose of the custom embroidered patches– Since custom embroidered patches are used in various ways therefore they all differ in one way or the other. Therefore you need to keep the purpose of getting custom embroidered patches in mind while ordering the same. It is because the concerned manufacturer may make available the same as per your unique requirements according to the purpose for which it is to be used.

Size of the patch- Unquestionably, different people may need custom embroidered patches in varying sizes. It all depends on the dress or the object for which it is to be used. Therefore you need to inform exact size of the embroidered patches so that you may get the same exactly as per your order.

Shape- Embroidered patches are available in various shapes therefore you need to inform this point well-in-advance to the manufacturer while ordering the same. You may choose out of various shapes such as circular, rectangular, octave, square and so on.

Colour of the base as well as the embroidery– Obviously, custom embroidered patches are to be prepared using a base as well the embroidery over it. You need to select colours for both so that the same may be informed to the manufacturer. You may even choose a combination of multiple colours for the embroidery to make it look attractive and distinct.

Embroidery coverage on the patch- As mentioned above, an embroidered patch is made from a combination of base and embroidery. It is but obvious that you need to finalize about the coverage area for the embroidery on the base of the patch. You need to cover certain area of the patch with embroidery and leave some portion of the same blank so as to make it look nice. You must keep this point in mind while ordering the custom embroidered patches to the manufacturers or the suppliers.

Price- It is in fact one among the most important points worth considering or keeping in mind while ordering custom embroidered patches. You need to take into consideration all the costs involved with the embroidered patches. It is always advisable to remain within your budget limits while ordering the embroidered patches.

Keeping these points in mind, you may order custom embroidered patches for your unique purpose.

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