Unusual Party Games To Keep Your Guests Entertained

Whether you are just throwing a casual dinner party or have a really serious social event planned for your next corporate get together, entertainment at the party is crucial. Decorations of the party are supposed to be according to the theme and purpose of the party but keeping your guests hooked to the event is important if you want the party to be an all-out success. With this in mind here is a list of some out of the box part games that will be a hit regardless of the theme and flavour of the party. The biggest draw is that it will keep your guests involved and thus make use of the full social custom of the party you plan.

Secret Phrase Exchange

This game will not only be a winner but it will actually have the conversation flowing amongst your guests as a part of the natural game process. Before your guests arrive at the party, write down some funny phrases on different strips of papers and put these papers under the individual dinner plates across the tables. Once your guests have taken their assigned seats and before the dinner is served, ask them to look at their individual papers and memorize the secret phrases and then re-collect all of the paper strips from each guest. Now all night long these have to use their secret phrases within their conversations when they speak to each other. Anytime they are able to use the secret phrases undetected, they have to count that as a point and at the end of the dinner, guests compare what the secret phrase for each guest was and how many points were collected by each. Make sure to set aside fun gifts or mementos for the winners.

Turn The Table Into A Full-blown Casino

If it is a more intimate get together of friends and family, you can have it zinging with casino party hire. Stack the table as a blackjack or craps set up. You can also hire a mock roulette table to have your entire party just having the time of their lives at your mock casino.

Stack The Nuts

If you are in a major party mode and want to have some really competitive party games to set the mood of the table, you can try this one out for size.  Using chopsticks the guests have to stack the metal nuts on the table into a huge tower. The one with the tallest tower arrangement wins the battle.

Make sure to always have the preparations of the game at hand so that each time the game starts without any hassles. The time or scorekeeper should be serious about their responsibility. Do not let the guests hang at the end of the game for the final score and end the game at the exact high note at which you start it.


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