James Haidak – Should You Rent Of Buy Essential Gear You Need As A DJ

If you wish to become a good DJ, you first have to master the skills of track mixing and be aware before investing cash on the right DJ gear. It is prudent to start with the essential over excess. There is a great range of software and hardware options available in the market now and so choosing the right software and equipment can be very confusing for you. Before you head to the market to buy the right DJ gear ideal for you, talk to experienced professionals in the field to get an idea about the different gear options available along with software platforms and technical terms you will come across. The same holds true when you are updating your current equipment if you have already started as a DJ and have some years of experience in the field.

James Haidak- Be aware and sure of what you buy 

James Haidak is a famous upcoming producer and DJ based at Koh Phangan in Thailand and Amsterdam. He was born in the United States at Washington D.C. and discovered his immense love for electronic music as a child. He decided to pursue his passion when he turned 17 years and bought his own Ableton music software to learn the art of mixing, sound design, and production.  

As a DJ, you need to invest in essential gear to start. They include-

  • The gear you need to play the audio. This includes a mobile device, DJ controller, computer, media player, especially for DJs or turntables.
  • The audio interface helps you to direct your audio to the external hardware or software 
  • For setups that are iOS or computer-based download a controller and a DJ software
  • Invest in a standalone DJ mixer if you do not have to mix features in your software or hardware
  • Headphones 
  • A passive speaker system for you to perform in venues where there is no suitable equipment for performance. 

Should you buy or rent your DJ equipment? 

If you do not have the budget to buy new equipment, you can rent them for starting. This is ideal for people who are beginners and developing their skills as a DJ. Renting out equipment gives them the time to gain confidence with their work before they are ready to book gigs.

Save on maintenance 

If budget is a constraint and you cannot buy all the equipment you need, renting equipment will also help you save on its maintenance. You may test different brands at a low cost and choose the ones that work for you the best. Once you are comfortable with these brands, you can finally save money and buy new equipment of your own. 

In the opinion of James Haidak sums up by saying buying new equipment like mixers and decks has its advantages if you can afford them as you are able to create a DJ set up that is 100% customized. This set up matches all your needs, and most of the new equipment you buy will always come along with good manufacturer warranties.  

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