Applying For Health Insurance Plans With SBI General Insurance

Health insurances, in general, have paved the way for new relief in life with regards to the expenditure of sudden unanticipated emergency situations. SBI’s Health Insurance plans bring the same experience and feeling of respite with its many plans to suit all individuals. Irrespective of the city you reside in, or your place of treatment, SBI’s Health Insurance plans have been chalked out vivid plans for all. Also, applying for it is a simple process, which does not require much time to understand. With several instructions already described well on its website, SBI makes sure that people get the most of its facilities and therefore, have a ‘call back’ option, as well.

Everyone hopes for the best for their health and wishes to continue living a comfortable life. However, there might be events that are uncalled for and which catch a person off-guard. The medical expenses, the hospital bills, the consultation charges are all unforeseen in happier times. These can be really scary and burdensome, leaving a person feeling exhausted, not only mentally and physically, but financially as well. Besides, with the ever-proliferating medical care costs, it is best to invest in health insurance. In such a scenario, we wish for having applied for a health insurance in time. This brings us to the process of applying for SBI’s Health Insurance plans.

How to Apply for Health Insurance from SBI

Applying for SBI’s Health Insurance plan begins by getting a free quote. After all, we should ensure that what we are looking for and what we are looking at are similar. Once you have all the requisites clearly held in your mind, it will be easier for you to select the plan that you desire. This is of utmost importance as it decides the fate of your finances in future. You may get your quotes from SBI General Insurance website or any of the third party portals which have multiple numbers of insurances to be purchased.

The steps for applying are:

    • Entering your personal details like the mobile number and e-mail id.
    • Select the type of policy you seek; Individual or Family Floater. If you select ‘Individual’, further give your age and gender. If you select a family floater, then give details about your spouse and number of children. In some plans offered by SBI, you can add other members in your family like your father, mother, father-in-law and mother-in-law.
    • Select your location
    • Select the Sum Insured
  • Get the quote

Once you have the quote, you can weigh your options, make calculations and go ahead with buying the SBI Health Insurance

Best time to Apply for Health Insurance Plans from SBI General Insurance

Having read about the ways to apply for a Health Insurance Plan from SBI General Insurance, one may wonder about the right time to take the plunge. Well, the sooner the better.  This post specifies some crucial reasons as to why buying a Health Insurance plan from SBI General Insurance will be good in the long run for you. Here they are:

Early equals to less expensive or cheap insurance: Insurances are cheap when bought at a younger age. This could primarily be because companies believe that the chances of a young person falling ill are very slim. There are great plans offered if and when you begin young.

Get done with the waiting periods: Companies have  something called as waiting period for their new applicants. This waiting period is introduced by the companies to rule out the possibility of any illness the person may be hiding and has therefore, signed up for the insurance. The sooner you apply for the insurance, the sooner this waiting period gets over; consequently, it is over by the time you are older and when more likely to fall ill. So, this is a great point to note.

Renewal assured: As per the IRDA guidelines, companies cannot deny a renewal process to anyone. So, if you have bought the policy already, all you have to do is just renew it, irrespective of the criticality of the illness.

A new application can be denied: While a person is applying for the first time, there are good chances that his application may be rejected depending on company’s policy and beliefs. If they believe the person is hiding any underlying medical conditions from them, or even for any other reason, a new application stands a chance of being cancelled by the company. Therefore, it is better to apply sooner to cross these stages before you actually get any illnesses.

These are some reasons why one should start early in their life to buy a health insurance policy from SBI General Insurance.

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