National Proposal Day

If you’ve been waiting forever for that much anticipated proposal, then start dropping some hints now. National Proposal Day happens on 20th March every year. Yes, you can get engaged on any day of the year, but for those plucking up the courage or those leaving not-so-subtle hints, this gives you a date to aim for.

The day was created by a guy called John O’Loughlin who grew tired of watching his cousin’s boyfriend procrastinate over popping the question for some years. The significance of the date is that the first day of spring, where days and nights are equal lengths (symbolising the equality of two people in a marriage).  Here are some more fascinating engagement facts:

  1. 60% of newly engaged people post selfies

We’ve all seen them on Facebook and Instagram but 60% is a lot of people wanting to show off that bling. 37% do this within an hour of the engagement such is their excitement. Only 31% left it a couple of hours before making the announcement. Perhaps giving them time to do their nails before showing the world their ring selfie!

  1. More people prefer a great proposal over an expensive ring

If you think you can pull it off with just an amazing ring, then think again. The way you propose is more important to most people. A survey by a bridal company found that 56% of replies would rather have an incredible proposal and not be keen on the ring than the other way around. Why not have the best of both worlds with an amazing proposal and Buying Diamond Rings Online from comparethediamond previously known as Diamond Geezer

  1. Almost everyone wanted a private proposal

Before you organise that brass band or flash mob, consider this survey result very carefully. Not everyone wants a proposal that’s worth of going viral. Nothing extrovert, flashy or involving skywriters or dance troupes – just you and them and a romantic setting.

  1. Still not convinced about women proposing

According to a singles survey, only 7% of men would feel comfortable if a woman proposed to them. But it not popular among female respondents either with only 2% saying they would want to pop the question themselves.

  1. Got to be diamond

A dating website found that 73% questioned thought that diamond rings were the perfect choice for an engagement. However, don’t overspend as researchers have found that of those who forked out between £1,500 and £3,000 on a ring were 1.3 times more prone to go through a divorce than those who paid between £400 and £1,500.

  1. 14 months

The average engagement is 14 months, but of course some are shorter and some, considerably longer than that.

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