Are Babies Known To Possess Knee Caps When They Are Born?

If you have spent a decent amount of time with toddlers then you would be aware that standing and walking are the first activities where they find feet before braking or steering. They move around the houses and this is accompanied by the very own navigational pulses. It has to be stated that the early stages of toddling are all about crashes and fallouts. The ability of the infants to keep on and on is one quality that needs to be admired. Till the moment they come across the fact that someone reacts to their fall with a sense of fear they keep on repeating it over and over again.  In fact with a smile on their face they proceed to the next movable object that is available with them.

Hereby we are going to discuss an important question do baby have knee caps? It has to be stated that knees do bear the brunt of the damage as far as toddling is concerned. They are incorporated in such a manner as it is soft, cannot be defined and give a rubbery feeling when being touched. If you are at young or old age, the knees work overtime to keep you moving. It is composed of the patella, the tibia and the femur.

As all of us are aware that adults have around 206 bones, babies do start off as 300 different types of bones that can be divided further. Bones start off as cartilage and most times this is the case at the time of birth. Over due course of time they turn into bones by the process of ossification. Once the cartilage develops a nutrient artery is incorporated on to it. In due course of time blood vessels start to take shape and this does branch of the nutrient artery which does enable the nutrients to be passed off to the developing bone. If such a scenario occurs it could lead to the formation of an ossification centre that will keep on producing cells where the cartilage will be dissolved and a new bone is going to be formed.

The patella works out to be a sesamoid bone and it is located at the centre of the tendon and it is the largest sesamoid bone in the body. It does take some amount of time to be formed into a bone.

Though it is not part of x rays, it pretty many answers the question does baby have knee caps. It could not be termed as something bony in context. Once a baby is born it remains as a cartilage and this keeps on continuing for many years as well. So all the falls that your infant is going to take is not going to be knee breakers and it could be termed as sponge absorbers. The moment your baby goes on to touch 5 years, the knee caps would have fully ossified and might have gone on to form a real bone.

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