How Did The Caesarean Surgery Derive Its Name?

A surgical procedure that is normally performed with the help of an incision in the uterus or abdomen of a woman is termed as Caesarean. How did Caesarean get their name is an interesting question?

One of the common theories that have been floating around is that it derives its name from Julius Caesar. It was assumed that he was born by this manner. But though this idea may hold good, it is not true. The links between the name and that of Julius Caesar comes from the fact that has been penned down by the Roman historian Pliny the elder. What the general assumption that the mother of Julius Aurelia died in the final month of pregnancy and her stomach was cut to take out the baby. But what the truth was his mother went on to live a few years after he was born.

In the city of Rome, even before Julius was born there was a law in place which stated that if a woman died at childbirth, then the baby would be removed from her stomach so as to a separate burial needs to be undertaken and it was considered to be the last course of action in order to save the baby after the mother had passed away. Therefore it was pretty common to come across the fact that a baby went on to survive even after the death of a mother.

Why is called a Caesarean is still a million dollar question? Take a step ahead on how did Julius get associated with this form of delivery. It could be stated that any of the predecessors in his family would have been born in that manner and the family name had sprung up because of the early birth of the baby. Peny though claims that Julius was considered to be born in that manner but he did not specifically mention the name of Julius.

There is another school of thought that Julius accompanied by his family would have nothing to do with the procedure as well. In Latin there is a term that specifiescaedare that would mean to cut and the past participle would mean that the uterus is being cut.

In modern times such type of surgeries have become common, and a lot is due to antibiotics or anaesthesia. Historically the surgery was only undertaken whereby the mother had already passed off. This was considered to be the last resort. But there had been accounts of women who have been able to survive the Caesarean and this are various cultures of the world as well.

To conclude what is the underlying difference between a Caesarean section and a Caesarean. In medical terminology what section means is to cut. Despite the name associated with this surgery very rarely you would come across the term section in any complicated surgery. But one thing has to be stated that there is some risk associated with this form of surgery at the same time.

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