The NFC Access Control Innovators

The BIG tech players are entering into the world of Near Field Communication (NFC) and expressing new ways it can be used. Doordeck, the world’s only NFC access control aggregator applauds the innovation and increased exposure of NFC technology. Some might ask… what is NFC? read Doordeck’s thoughts before reading on. 

Advancements into the NFC world have been seen from Samsung launch events and Apple at WWDC events over past years, firstly through announcements of digital car keys by both brands. Later Apple brought NFC into their apple wallet to unlock doors for commercial buildings, travel and leisure. The apple wallet NFC innovation is where Doordeck’s attention is captured. Doordeck has incorporated Near Field Communication into its product since starting up and is an established part of its unique product. Doordeck was the first company to embrace active NFC on a smartphone to enable keyless NFC access control.

NFC technology vs Bluetooth

NFC is faster, more secure and more reliable. I could go into the real details and talk to you about the super-secure military-grade encryption and how Doordeck’s security is embedded in its DNA; That two NFC devices can pair in less than 0.5 seconds, or that NFC is specifically designed for communication strictly between two devices in close proximity to each other, for data transfer to happen making it the most secure way to transfer data between devices.

Let’s put it into a real-life example. When riding back on the bus after your long day at work you pull out your Bluetooth headphones and turn on your music on your smartphone, however, nothing is coming through. You turn your volume up, still nothing, assuming something is wrong when taking off your headphones you realise that your phone is playing music to the packed bus, a red-faced moment that could have been escaped by using NFC enabled headphones for reliable pairing. 

Doordeck’s NFC keyless entry for buildings?

So, you’ve already found out that Doordeck is the only access control aggregator around and that it provides a cloud-based solution that integrates with all major access control systems hardware.

This means that with Doordeck there’s no need to install any new hardware or replace existing access control readers and controllers.

All you need to do is let Doordeck integrate with your building’s access control system and select an NFC tile for your building’s doors that can come in personalised with your company logo in your preferred colour. This is then attached next to the door allowing keyless NFC entry with a smartphone.

Building managers can also manage all their sites easily from anywhere with Doordeck’s NFC keyless entry and cloud infrastructure. Using an Apple or Android device through the Doordeck app or via your own app using Doordeck’s SDK.

There’s no need to issue new or replacement key cards or fobs. Digital access passes are ready to go in seconds for both employees and guests. The admin of the building can just register the person’s email address and grant them access to the doors they need.

So, are you set to use your smartphone ‘s NFC for keyless building entry or as a visitor management system, get in touch with Doordeck at their website:, for more information. 


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