Full-Service Makeup Packaging Consistently Increases Sales

Product design is the first step to launching a successful beauty line, yet how you package your product can either doom it for the discount rack or land it front and center in a high-end window display. Many business owners purchase makeup packaging in bulk, choosing to fill and label them. In the end, this strategy becomes expensive, both in material costs and incurred labor. Hire a makeup packaging company through a manufacturing contract and enjoy a one-stop-shop, full-service experience. Work intimately with your assigned advisor while you maintain creative design. You can focus on other aspects of your business knowing your qualified packaging representative is overseeing the formulating, blending, filling, and labeling of your order.


Choose from a variety of bottles, jars, and cosmetic containers to match your product’s style. Tubes and airless vessels are also available to complete your makeup line. Personalize your product’s look with glass, plastic, roll-on tubes, push-up tubes, pouches, and many closure styles.


Full-service manufacturers offer a wide variety of size options. Be sure to ask about their minimum and maximum sizes. A quality company will range from 0.05 oz. – 32 oz., giving you the ability to package multiple items from your beauty line simultaneously.


If you have a brand new product and need to test the market, you’ll want to start with a small run. If your product market tested well and you are ready to launch in mass, you’ll need much larger numbers. Look for a makeup packaging manufacturer with runs that range from as small as five thousand units to mass runs, which can run as large as five million.

Alternative Uses

Contract manufacturers work with multiple industries. If your company creates a liquid product, like those used in automotive, pharmaceutical, or household products, working with a full-service manufacturer may be the right solution.


Creating the perfect label is complicated. Matching the sticker image to your stylistic design is a job for a professional. Work closely with designers as they bring your brand to life. Your makeup packaging support staff can talk you through the items required on your label and advise you in the more freeform aspects of sticker design.

Makeup sales in the United States alone banked over sixty-two billion dollars in 2016. Your product line can join this lucrative industry if you brand it well. Hire a makeup packaging expert and watch your bottom line soar.

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