Common Mistakes Made By Traders

Let’s look at the mistakes trader make while trading options. Trading can prove to be very exciting but can get very hard at time when you are going through a losing month. I think the most important thing is a proactive approach. You don’t get second chances in trading. Make one single mistake and your investments are gone up with the dust. So it is always wise to learn before you start trading. A proactive approach is recommended. Get to know about the mistakes  and learn how to avoid them. It is always better to avoid them rather than learn from making them. Let’s look at some of the mistakes made by traders.

Using Higher Leverage

Also called over-leveraging, it is a grave mistake. It is just like a two-edged sword. Either it can take you to the sky in case of high profits. But if the trend changes, it can turn out to be your greatest enemy. All your investment can be washed away within a few minutes. 1:50 and 1:25 are the ideal leverage that most of the trading firms recommend. Otherwise if you choose higher leverage, it can wash away your investment in a matter of minutes. Actually high leverage is lucrative. Many traders want to bag high profits but they don’t realize that just the profits are high, the loss is also the same. There have been talks in the UK about banning leverage higher than 1:50 for experienced and 1:25 for new ones is the result of losses suffered by most traders. Some traders use up to 1:2000 leverage. That’s extremely dangerous for your investment.


Are you getting impatient in your forex trading. Well, if you are, you are making a fatal mistake then. Patience is the key in forex trading. It ultimately pays off. Most traders get eager and jump in the trade when there is time to stay away. Others get out of the trade when there is time to stay and bag more profits. Impatience is not one of them. Getting impatient and enter forex trading without prior education is also not recommended. People try to make a quick buck. They pretend and convince themselves that they know everything about trading. But when they enter it, they realize their mistake after losing much. There are lots of things to learn. Forming of trends, highs and lows and trend corrections are few of the things you need to keep in mind. If you have already entered forex trading, you should rethink and stay away from trading until you have learnt everything about it. Otherwise you will suffer more from loss than you bag profits. If you make profits, you are likely to lose them in the next round of trading.

To get over and rectify these mistakes you need to get education from trading forum such as Steady Options. They possess all relevant literature about trading. If you get the membership, you will get exclusive help and answers to questions about critical matters.

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