Top Suggested Ways To Keep Home Safe From Burglars

If the data released by security agencies and independent research analysis are to be believed, more than 5700 hundreds burglaries occur every day that means one such incident befalls every 15 seconds in the United States. What is more shocking is that more than 73 percent of those robberies and burglaries take place in residential areas. Hence, for new homeowners and even for old homeowners (who are paying much attention to the security of home) need to keep the home security on one of the top priorities.

So, keeping the safety and security of home in mind, we, along with some top security advisors have prepared a list of top home security tips. We understand that every home has different security needs, hence we have put forth some most effective home tips (some of them are very common, however, it’s you who has to decide which one will suit your needs).

Let’s begin with security cameras: It’s not possible to make home fully secure from burglaries without security devices like CCTV cameras. So, being a homeowner you need to take an analytic review of your home and mark out the most sensitive place in your home. Now decide how many security cameras you need to buy. However, for home 8 channel PoE security camera system can be enough to protect your property.

What PoE security system? Power over Ethernet is a device which connect multiple cameras together and collects and store data. Interestingly, it needs single network connection which provides both network and power. 8 channel PoE security devices are easily available in the market, however, you need to be attentive while choosing the operator. is one of the most reliable operators which offers a range of security devices which ensures effective service and also serve your purposes.

Well, apart from security camera system, there are some other things which have to be strengthened. Let’s have look.

Make Front Door Secure: According to security agencies, around 33% thieves or burglars enter the home through the front door. If you are a new homeowner take a close inspection to all doors in and around the house. Make sure that all frames of the door are strong and made of strong wood or fine metal. If the main door or all those doors through which thieves can enter the home, don’t have peephole or deadbolt, then you should install it immediately.

Talk about security among your family: This is important hold household meeting at least once in a month. And yes, don’t forget to include kids in the meeting. If possible arrange such meetings in the society and talk about how to keep society safe from bad elements. In short, security has to be your habit. All discuss on what to do under such circumstances. It could be locking the door, call the police and much more. In short, all security measures need to be discussed in the meet. Make your kid aware of security and how to maintain them.

Keep a close watch on the security monitor: if you have installed 8 channel PoE security camera system at your home, the keep a tab on the what is going around your home.

Ensure Proper Lighting: Thieves do fear light and camera. So, make sure that there is light all around your home. According to of FBI most of the theft takes place during the day, but it doesn’t mean that you should not be secure your home at night.

Again, it’s security camera that has to be priorities to ensure the robust security of your home. offers desired security cameras which can ensure the best security of your home and business.

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