Two Great Ways To Use An Old PC To Help Others

If you have an old standalone PC sitting around here are a few ideas to help you to put it to use again.

Use it to teach others

There are several ways you can use these old computers to help others. Of course, you can just give it away, but that is not the only option.

You can use it to help someone who is new to the world of personal computing to learn how to get online. If you have an elderly relative invite them round, and sit down with them and show them how to do the basics.

The fact that they are using an old machine gets over the fear of ‘hitting the wrong button’ and doing some damage. If they get on well you can offer to give them the PC.

Let others use the computing power

Several ongoing scientific research projects need a huge amount of computing power. To get around the fact they need almost unlimited resources research teams have turned to personal computer owners.

The way it works is you sign up for one of these projects and download a small piece of software. This then enables the research team to use a small percentage of your PCs processing power to help them to complete huge tasks that would not otherwise be possible. Switching an old computer back on and setting it up as a entertainment centre, then signing up for some of these programmes, is good for you and for the research teams.

You can even use broken PCs

The cost of PC components and repairs has fallen drastically, so it is even viable to get a broken one up and running again. If you want to find pc repair in Hallandale or any other part of the US go online and look for those firms that offer their services via the post. They tend to be the one that offer the most competitively priced repairs.

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