An Overview Of Bone Marrow Transplant

What is bone marrow transplant? It happens to be a medical procedure, where your damaged bone marrow is replaced that has been destroyed by infection, chemotherapy or disease. In this procedure blood cells are transplanted whereby the bone marrow is going to produce new blood cells and growth of new bone marrow is encouraged. A fatty tissue inside your bones is a bone marrow. When you get in touch with a bone marrow transplant specialist India, they assure you sufficient white blood cells or red blood cells to avoid disorders or infections. The donor cells can emerge from your own body or you can seek it from someone.

Preparation involving a bone marrow transplant

In the list of bone marrow transplant specialist in India, a series of tests are performed to figure out the exact type of bone transplant that you are considering. Chemotherapy or radiation is also suggested before the old cells are destroyed and new ones are implanted. The procedure normally takes a week, so you would need to make arrangements before you get ready for the first session. It should include

  • The location of the hospital has to be near
  • Working out on how to travel from to and fro from the hospital
  • Packing all necessary items
  • Insurance coverage and addressing all financial concerns.

When the treatment is undertaken, your immune system is going to be compromised; therefore the ability to fight off infections is compromised. In fact a special area is demarcated for people in hospitals who are receiving a bone marrow transplant. What it does indicate that the chances of you getting exposed to any infection is reduced substantially.

When you are meeting your doctor for the first time does not hesitate to bring a list of questions. Normally you can ask a list of questions and not down their answers. The key is to be confident during the procedure so that you find answers to all your questions. There are some hospitals where counsellors are available who talk to the patients. The process of transplantation can work out to an emotional taxing one and it would be better to talk to a professional to get over it.

How the process is being performed?

The doctor has to take a call on when you are ready for the procedure. In a lot of ways this process is similar to a blood transfusion. If it is a case of allogeneic transplant, bone marrow cells are likely to be transplanted from the donor before a couple of days of the surgery. If your own cells are being used it could be retrieved from the stem cell bank. These are the two ways by which cell is collected.

To conclude, the success of a bone marrow transplant is dependent on how close the bone marrow matches the donor. It is very difficult to come across matching donors. The recovery time is around 3 years, though it may take a full year to restore back on the physical and mental front.

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