Why Is Cyberknife Treatment Getting So Popularity Today?

Cancer is a deadly disease that poses life threat. But, advanced technology has brought revolution in medical science and that’s why the traditional radiation therapy has been outdated and cyberknife treatment has replaced it. Best cyberknife treatment India has eliminated the threat of cancer to some extent and also the fear of surgeries that used to make the patient weaker than ever.

Practically, cyberknife treatment is not at all related to the knife. Rather, it is a sophisticated radiation tool that uses robotic arms to pinpoint the location of the tumor and the radiation beam can be focused directly on the affected area to destroy the abnormal cells. No matter whether the tumor has occurred, in an inoperable place, this therapy can reach well and do its job. Besides that, it has a lower risk of open surgery and also comes with minimum complications after the treatment.

How Does Cyberknife Treatment Work?

This is an advanced treatment procedure that is conducted with the help of computers, image guidance systems, and robotics to use a concentrated and cumulated dose of radiation to destroy the tumor cells and also prevent further growth. Besides that, unlike traditional radiation system, cyberknife doesn’t affect the surrounding healthy tissue of the affected area.

This treatment comes with laser-like accuracy and uses 1400 radiation beams to point out the affected area and destroy the damaged cells. The robotic arm is there to rotate according to the position of the tumor and it is capable of pointing out them even at the complicated locations in your body. Besides this, there are image-guided cameras that are used to find out the location and remain static there until the entire therapy is completed.  Therefore, the treatment procedure won’t get disturbed with the little movements of the patient.

Why Is Cyberknife Treatment So Popular?

There are several reasons that have made cyberknife treatment exclusive of all-

First, it is used an image-guidance method that captures the appropriate location of the tumor, irrespective of the movement of the patient or the tumor. Therefore, the patient can relax during the treatment and also breathe normally.

Secondly, in case of traditional radiosurgery, the rigid head-frames are screwed into the skull of the patient. This minimizes any movement of the patient. Cyberknife treatment is different than its predecessors. It does not follow any extreme method to keep patients static; rather it works with upgraded sophisticated tracking software that provides non-invasive treatment by helping the patient to be more relaxed.

Third, for treating tumors in different parts of the body, different types of radiosurgery are required. But, the cyberknife surgery can treat the tumor at any part of the body, including lung, brain, pancreas, kidney, and liver.

Finally, this method of treatment gives nearly 100% accuracy. It pinpoints the tumor and project radiation beams directly to it to destroy it without disturbing the healthy tissues around.

To treat cancer at certain places which is difficult to be treated by another system, cyberknife technology is the best. Medical science is getting advanced every day and that will work as a boon to humankind.

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