How To Play The Role Of Employees In Global Market

The transatlantic economy is the largest global market, the economic ties between Germany and the United States is particularly intense on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean several hundred thousand jobs have been created through investment, the trans-Atlantic cooperation can be further expanded and strengthened.

We agreed that deliver ongoing initiatives such as regular informal trade consultations (“ICE Talks”) between the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and the U.S. Department of Commerce and the activities of the Transatlantic Economic Council (TEC) are important contributions. The end of 2011, established high-level EU-U.S. Working group on employment and growth is expected to work out the way for the creation of a transatlantic marketplace.

The international financial crisis has left many EU countries into a deep economic and debt crisis. So far, the EU policy – especially under pressure from Chancellor Angela Merkel – but responded in that they ordered the most affected countries, a strict austerity policy. This unilateral policy has been little effect, but also led to social dislocation, unemployment and hopelessness. The people in the crisis countries, but finally need a new vision for economic growth and a life without fear of destitution. Otherwise, Europe will succumb by this crisis – with dire economic consequences, particularly for Germany.

At the well attended monthly meeting at the restaurant “At Kreuzelwerk”, had also the Speaker of the working group of women in the SPD, Nurhayat Bakir, as affected by marginal employment particular problem of women are gathered, and the Wilhelmshaven candidate for the parliamentary elections the SPD in Lower Saxony, Holger Ansmann. Ansmann, former Chairman of the Olympic works and current CEO of TCN in Roffhausen could, in his view, the changes in the labor market from the time when the Olympic works and the present situation, through constant contact with the companies and workers in the TCN, which, unfortunately, to the detriment workers have developed report. Here it is for him to work through the next parliament, which he seeks through a direct election for the constituency of Wilhelmshaven to bring his force for fair working conditions, education and welfare.

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