Learn About Nova Scotia Demand Express Entry Stream

You must have heard about the express entry system for sure. This system is one of the essential requisites that you are must to follow while your immigration to Canada. This is basically a selection system that has been designed to select efficient skilled worker for the purpose of immigration in Canadian land. Express entry is an entirely electronic process that involves provincial as well as federal government. It also includes Canadian employees in its criteria. If you are also one of those who are seeking to migrate in Canada, you must pass through the process of express entry system. All you are required is to create your profile in this system. The information which you will input in your profile will help the agency to check whether you are eligible for immigration or not. The candidate with higher scores will get the higher chances of obtaining a permanent residence in Canada.

Nova Scotia Express entry stream

Here we will be discussing about the nova scotia demand express entry stream. This stream is officially designed to select the highly skilled candidates who are seeking a permanent residence in Nova Scotia. There are wider chances for candidates to quickly find a job in the labour market of Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia immigration office reserves all the rights to look after only some specific types of occupations to be nominated on the basis of current labour market requirements.

The applications are only acceptable online; there are two significant types of Application categories mentioned below:

  • First category is of applicants possessing a job letter; application for this type of candidates will be remain opened.
  • Second category is of applicants who are having experience in a particular occupation obtained by an opportunity. Applications for such type of candidates are expected to be opened and closed throughout a year.

Eligibility for both of the categories

If you are seeking to apply for the first category of application, you are required to fulfil the eligibility criteria mentioned below:

  • Must have a registered profile in immigration citizenship and refugees canadian express entry stream
  • Must score 67 points and more
  • must have a full time permanent job under the skilled worker category of occupations
  • should have an experience of about 1 year in your respective job
  • prove your language efficiency in English language or French language
  • show your financial eligibility to settle in Nova Scotia

And here is the eligibility criteria for the candidates of second category mentioned below:

  • Must have a registered profile in immigration citizenship and refugees canadian express entry stream
  • Must score 67 and more points
  • Must possess one year’s skilled experience of working in any of the target occupations
  • Should have high school of equivalent canadian credential
  • Prove your language efficiency in English or French languages
  • Show your financial eligibility to stay and settle for a certain time period in Nova scotia

Hence, migrating in Nova Scotia is not that complicated as it seems. A reference obtained from the data record of Nova Scotia demand express entry 2017 shows the larger numbers of candidates have been migrated to Nova Scotia for employment purposes.

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