Why Using Water Filters Are Necessary

Most of the Indian families do not understand the importance and why one should drink water from water purifier. This is because; most people are not very much aware of the bad effects of impure water.

One needs to be educated in this case so that they know the negative effects of contaminated water. Water is a natural solvent and almost every substance gets dissolved in the water making it polluted. These contaminations can be chemical, physical or biological. And these contaminations can cause fatal diseases in human beings.

That is why; one needs to use water purifiers. Many studies say that water can have more than 120 kinds of pollutants. And water purifiers can remove almost all of them making the water safe and drink worthy. There is Eureka Forbes RO service centre Ludhiana where one can get all the basic ideas about water purifiers.

In India, about 75 percent of ground water is not suitable for drinking purpose and so everyone should have a domestic water purifier at home. All the domestic water purifiers are designed in such a way that it can remove all types of water pollutants. This can never happen if you only boil the water and drink because simple boiling cannot remove all the pollutants from the water.

All the domestic water purifiers are based on trusted technologies like UV rays, reverse osmosis and many others. So one can easily trust the water purifiers and the system in which they work on. The domestic filters have several stages of filtration like spun filter, activated carbon filter and silver coated filters. Also there are RO membranes, TDS controllers and UV rays purification systems.

Types of Domestic Water Filters

There are mainly 4 major types of domestic water filters that are available these days. Here are as follows:

Gravitational Domestic Water filter

It is the simplest form of domestic water purifier and this one uses the sediment plus activated carbon filter which can easily remove the mud, sand and other chemicals along with microbial contaminations. It is a form of water purifier which does not need electricity to filter the regular water.

Reverse Osmosis Domestic Water filter

This is commonly known as RO water purifiers and in this process flow of solvent (water) from the high concentration of solute to the low concentration of solute happens. It can easily remove all the impurities from water.

UV Domestic Water filter

This type of water purifier can easily remove the biological contaminations that are present in regular water and it can easily kill the growth of micro organisms present in the water.

RO and UV Domestic Water filter

This is an advance domestic water purifier which is most effective when it comes to water filtration and purification. That is why; most people depend on this combination of water filter and choose a healthy way of life.

Eureka Forbes RO service Ludhiana has all the above mentioned water filters available and one can pick the right one depending on their domestic requirements.

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